Mrs. Jardine's Background Information
I teach 10-12 biology at Durand High School. Durand offers biology 10, human anatomy and physiology, and AP biology.

I graduated from Winona State Universtiy in 2001 and I also earned my Masters in Education from Winona State in 2004. I taught for 7 years in Minnesota before moving to Wisconsin to teach at Durand High School. I have been teaching at Durand since the fall of 2008.

Mr. Evans' Biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Course Description of Human Anatomy and Physiology This class is designed to provide college bound students with a comprehensive background of human body. The yearlong class will have its focus in two major areas: 1. Anatomy – the physical make up of the human body including topics such as skeletal structure, musculature, skin cells, tissues, etc. 2. Physiology- the structure and processes of the human body discussing the many organ systems including the nervous, circulatory, cardiovascular, reproductive, endocrine, digestive, lymphatic, and urinary systems. Students who take anatomy and physiology will be required to read and report on two books about medicine and disease from a list provided. A major dissection will also be performed.
Advanced Placement Biology
Course Description for AP Biology This Advanced Placement biology class will provide students with an expansive background in biology. This is a college-level course and it will be an intense class. I have high expectations for students. It will be necessary for students to spend time outside of class studying and reviewing. A general rule of one hour of study time for each hour of class time is suggested. AP Biology is a class in which students must take responsibility for their own learning. This course will emphasize the eight major themes in biology. These themes are: Science as a Process, Evolution, Energy Transfer, Continuity and Change, Relationship of structure to function, Regulation, Interdependence in nature, and Science, Technology and Society. These themes will be discussed initially and continuously discussed throughout the year.