Module 1 - Welcome to Emerging Technologies

Module 1.1

Create an email account with gmail. Once you have created your gmail account, please send me an email verifying your account. After creating your email account, go to and click on the word "Documents" at the top of the page (may have to click more to see documents). If you logged out of your gmail account, click "sign in" at the top right corner of the page before clicking on "documents." Make sure you are taken to the documents home page. The documents page will look something like the picture below without all of the files listed.

Module 1.2

To get you acquainted with how the class will work, you will be given an assignment for creating an avatar at . You will be creating an avatar at this website. Once created, you will provide the link for me in an email. I will then embed the avatar for each of you in a website I have created for this class. Your assignment is detailed below.

  1. go to
  2. register in the top right of the screen at the Voki Home Page--when registering, a verification email may be sent to your email address before you can access and sign into your voki account.
  3. create your avatar with the following requirements
  • state your name
  • state your grade
  • tell us three truths about yourself and one lie (mix them up--don't state them in order)
  • as you create your avatar, you can type in your information and voki will add the voice or you can record your message and upload it to voki
  • when completed, you must publish the avatar and then click "send to friend" and put my email in the email address box (
For help on how to use, go to the voki tutorial.
My avatar is shown below.

When you have finished with the avatar and emailed the link to me, go to the discussion board and answer the discussion question. Remember, you need to reply to at least two classmates' response.