School Board Committees

Board of Education Committees

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Curriculum, Instruction and Technology
This committee makes the final recommendations to the Board of Education in regard to textbook purchases, curriculum changes, and new course requests. This committee also works to develop the DPI required technology plan; to review technology assets and needs of the District; and work to maintain the technological equipment and instruction needed in today's education.

Board Committee Members: Lori A. Myers (chair), Tammy Hoyt, Ashley Urness

Facilities, Transportation and Finance
This committee oversees the building maintenance, grounds, and facilities. The committee is involved with discussions regarding new facilities, remodeling existing facilities, and maintaining our current buildings and grounds. This committee is reponsible for the overall transportation services of the District including contract negotiations with the bus service provider. This committee also does initial work on the District's annual operating budget and makes recommendations to the Board of Education and is involved with financial strategic planning.

Board Committee Members: Jason Weisenbeck (chair), Frank Schneider, Bill Yingst

Human Resources and Policy
This committee is involved with contract negotiations with all employee union and non-union groups. The committee would also be involved with any type of human relations conflicts, concerns or grievances. This committee also works on District policy development, review, interpretation, and revision. All new District policies or changes to the current policy manual are developed by this committee. This committee makes the final recommendations to the Board of Education in regard to policies and board governance.

Board Committee Members: TJ Poeschel (chair), Tammy Hoyt, Lori A. Myers

Library Committee
Committee Members:  Tammy Hoyt, Audrey Martin, Becky Richardson
October 15, 2020, Meeting Agenda