Academic and Career Planning Activities

Students in grades 6 – 12 have a structured scope and sequence of Academic and Career Planning Activities that occur throughout the year during Power Hour.  All students participate in these activities.  Some of the activities in addition to exploring and using Xello include presentations on the sixteen Career Clusters by local and regional business, presentations on college credit in high school, college options, financial aid and Career Clusters.  In addition to scholarships search in Career Cruising, local/regional scholarships are posted in hallways and available on our website; they can be found by clicking here.

The complete grade 6 – 12 scope and sequence can be found by clicking here.

All high school students have opportunities to meet with college, military and trade school representatives when they come to campus.  Information is displayed in hallways, announced on daily announcements, and is located on web page under guidance.

The District has been working closely with Chippewa Valley Technical College to increase transcripted credit options most recently a new CNA program. 

The Durand High School Course Description Book, which can be found by clicking here, includes information on Post-Secondary options in high school, work based learning opportunities, CADENC (Chippewa Area Distance Education Network Consortium), credit requirements, and the laude system.  Programs of study for all career pathways are available in Xello. 

Copies of transcripted credit agreements are available from the high school principal. 

Direct links to colleges are found on our guidance web page which can be accessed by clicking

In addition individual class teachers have started taking students on tours of local businesses.

During professional development days, grade 6 – 12 teachers have toured local businesses and talked to employers about application of content, soft skills, and preparing students. 

Students in grades K – 5 participate in a variety of Academic and Career Planning activities as well.  Some of these include:

  • Junior Achievement
  • Tours of farms, businesses, and services
  • Field trips
  • Guest speakers
  • Career exploration as part of our reading series.