English Language Learners

English Language Learners

Durand-Arkansaw School District staff work collaboratively to provide services for student’s academic, behavioral, and social-emotional success, including students whose native language is not English.

English Language Learner (ELL) services are provided in both schools in the Durand-Arkansaw School District to students in grades kindergarten through grade 12 by a certified ELL teacher. Services may include consultation with grade-level and department teachers, pull-out instruction in English or the student’s native language as appropriate, instruction in the general classroom in English or the student’s native language as appropriate, and other options.

ELL students’ English proficiency is assessed yearly using the ACCESS test. ELL students’ state, local, and classroom assessments are monitored closely to determine academic progress.

If you have questions or concerns about the ELL program, please feel free to contact Michelle Zagozen or Sadie Kaiser.

Michelle Zagozen
Director of Pupil Services
[email protected]

Sadie Kaiser
ELL Teacher
[email protected]

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