Frontline Absence Management

Frontline Absence Management


Frontline Absence Management Link

Frontline Absence Management Phone:  1-800-942-3767

 *Please note: to access video links you will need to sign into Frontline


How Frontline Works - Video Link (1 minute 15 seconds)

  • An overview of what Frontline Absence Management is and how it works.


Employee (Teacher/Para)

Employee (Teacher/Para)  QuickStart Guide – PDF Document

Employee: Teacher How to Set Up Preferred Sub List - PDF Document

Basic Training Teacher/Para (Employee)  Video Link (4 minutes and 2 seconds)
How to log into absence management
The Home Page
Viewing and editing personal information
Changing your PIN
Where to find help resources

Advanced Training Teacher/Para (Employee) - Video Link (5 minutes 9 seconds)
Assigning a substitute to an absence 
Viewing the approval status of an absence
Viewing absence history
Viewing the Substitute Directory

Substitute Teachers and Paras

Substitute QuickStart Guide – PDF Document

Substitute Popular Questions - PDF Document

Substitute Home Page – the Basics - PDF Document


Basic Training for Substitutes -Video Link (2 minutes 48 seconds)
Logging into absence management
Navigating the Home Page
Finding available jobs
Viewing and editing your personal information
How to change your PIN
Where to find help resources

Substitute Advanced Training Video Link (4 minutes 48 seconds)
Viewing scheduled jobs
How to create Non-Work Days
Viewing past jobs you have worked
Setting up your Preferred Schools
How to edit the times absence management can call you
How to turn off calling

Accepting Jobs Through the Phone When Absence Management Calls 
Video Link (1 minute 31 seconds)

If you miss a call from Absence Management, try giving Absence Management a call back as soon as you can.  The job may still be available.

This video will show you an example of a phone call from absence management and how to accept a job over the phone. 


Adding Non-Work Days - PDF Document
If you have days or partial days when you are not able to substitute, you can create "Non-Work Days" so the absence management system will not offer you jobs on those days. 

Finding Available Jobs - PDF Document